Livetopia Codes (2021 October) Latest Updates

This is the last list of Roblox Livetopia codes game presently active. These promotional codes can be used to get a variety of things completely free of charge.

The items you can get for unlock frying pan, golf stick and mini bus.

Livetopia codes

Please let us know while commenting at the beginning of this post if any codes found here do not work for you so that we may maintain this list up-to-date and new.

Livetopia Codes 2021

Get the Frying Pan, the Golf Stick, the Mini Bus, etc.

Valid Codes

  • 35k likes to unlock Frying Pan (Unlocked)
  • 50k likes to unlock Golf Stick
  • 70k likes to unlock Mini Bus

All gamers are rewarded by the founders of Livetopia. The designers release contents for all their gamers every time a particular amount of tastes are met. Similar to the codes, however here the gift does not expire for everyone. The next milestone is therefore the only thing you must be aware of, and the reward you are to receive.

Expired codes

No expired codes are available to date, however they are also not valid.

  • None

How to redeem codes in Livetopia Glasshouse

For how to redeem you can see it on youtube. For now we can’t tell you how to redeem code on Livetopia. I will update soon for more.


(9/28) Glass house added!
(9/28) VIP wallpapers added!

Come and have fun with your pets at Topia Petland!
Good news to designers of the interior! From 2 renovated houses, now you can change your wallpapers.
You can have with you 3 pets with Companion Pass!
There have appeared some unusual graffiti across the city that you might like to watch all of them…


  • RP! Choose your own roles, equipment and role playing work!
  • In the city, owner’s houses and cars! Boat and fly! Boat and fly!
  • Play with others and unique animals!
  • Search the place for secrets!


If you like the game and follow us to get timely updates!

  • Panda Outfit loves to unlock 400k! (unlocked)
  • The Delta Wing Glider loves to unlock 450k!

Please feel free to comment below, if you have any questions, recommendations or problems anyway.

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